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A cuisine that is in a continuous evolution that is constantly looking for some new solutions, with an influence from Piedmontese traditions, but also able to offer the best international recipes. The imagination is combined with a great tradition and an excellence of the ingredients.


    A wedding cake is the spouses cake and the bride and groom choose it exclusively with their own taste. A real, sumptuous cake to share and to delight everyone.

  • Snacks

    These snacks are special and they made Rovida Signorelli famous in the world. A very small size quiches, like a big coin, finger size panini filled with gorgonzola, tiny shells of savory pastries and many, many others.


    It's one of the Rovida Signorelli's specialties, made with a very high percentage of hazelnuts, which is the main product of this sweet, respecting the craftsmanship and the tradition, very crunchy, with an intense flavor and a light texture.


    Traditional small piedmontese pastries, characterized by a high quality product, small sized and with an enchanting aesthetics. Designed to taste in a bite.

  • Croissants

    Every Day, it's must for people from Alessandria to have a Rovida Signorelli's croissant: a good start for the day. Always delicious, they are destined to wake up Alessandria's population with a fragrant kiss to match with an excellent coffee.


    It's a piedmontese traditional pastry, made exclusively with round hazelnuts, with more or less sugar added, to satisfy everyone's taste. Healthy, energetic, suitable for athletes and kids. Everybody loves it, because it's so tasty!

  • Easter eggs

    These eggs are done in different sizes and with a refined hand decoration. The Specialty of Rovida Signorelli, however, is the crispy egg, made with delicious piedmontese round hazelnuts


    From pastry's classics to the colomba made with Mantova's special dough, prepared with candied fruits and aromas, such as cinnamon and clove. A refinement to discover.